Fachgruppe EMISA der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

Jahrgang 40, Heft 1, Dezember 2020


 2020 Cover


Komplettes Heft

  1. Editorial 
  2. Call For Papers
    1. 11th International Workshop on Enterprise Modeling and Information Systems Architectures
    2. 13th Central-European Workshop on Services and their Composition (ZEUS 2021)
  3. EMISA Proceedings

    1. A Case-Study to Teach Process-Aware Information Systems

    2. Business process representation and performance of
    different task types

    3. Conceptual Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

    4. Monotone Precision and Recall Measures for Comparing
    Executions and Specifications of Dynamic Systems

    5. Estimating Process Conformance by Trace Sampling and
    Result Approximation

    6. Integrated Simulation of Domain-Specific Modeling
    Languages with Petri Net-based Transformational Semantics

    7. Monotone Precision and Recall Measures for Comparing
    Executions and Specifications of Dynamic Systems

    8. Quantifying the Re-identication Risk of Event Logs for
    Process Mining

    9. Research Challenges for the Modelling of the Resource and
    Organizational View

    10. The Diverse Ends-in-View of Research on
    Business Processes and Organizational Routines

    11. Towards Privacy-Preserving IoT Systems Using Model
    Driven Engineering

    12. Using Action Design Research for Co-creating
    Service-Dominant Business Artifacts between
    Academia and Industry

    13. Predictive Process Monitoring: A Use-Case-Driven
    Literature Review

    14. Co-innovation in a University-Industry Partnership:
    A Case Study in the Field of Process Mining

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