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Jahrgang 41, Heft 1, Dezember 2021


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Komplettes Heft

  1. Editorial 
  2. Call For Papers
    1. EMISA 2022
    2. Models at Work
    3. 14th Central-European Workshop on Services and their Composition (ZEUS 2022)
  3. EMISA Proceedings

    1. Drivers and Barriers for Microservice Adoption(Extended Abstract)

    2. Conceptual Modeling in a Digital World: A New Framework and Research Agenda (Extended Abstract)

    3. A Consolidated Framework for Implementing Robotic Process Automation Projects (Extended Abstract)

    4. End-User Development of Internet of Things Processes in Augmented Reality (Extended Abstract)

    5. On the Declarative Paradigm in Hybrid Business Process Representations: A Conceptual Framework and a Systematic Literature Study (Extended Abstract)

    6. Ontology-Based Process Modelling - Will we live to see it? (Extended Abstract)

    7. Partial Order Resolution of Event Logs for Process Conformance Checking (Extended abstract)

    8. Revenue Management Systems as Symbiotic Analytics Systems: Insights from a Field Study (Extended Abstract)

    9. Showing the Advantages of Pull over Push Production with the Aid of Petri Nets (Extended Abstract)

    10. Toward a Taxonomy of Modeling Difficulties: A Multimodal Study on Individual Modeling Processes (Extended Abstract)

    11. BERMUDA: Towards Maintainable Traceability of Events for Trustworthy Analysis of Non-process-aware Information Systems

    12. A Generalizable Approach for Determining The Sensitivity of A Trace within An Event Log

    13. Utility-aware Event Log Anonymization for Privacy-Preserving Process Mining

    14. Conceptualizing a Log Generator for Privacy-aware Event Logs

  4. TPSA 2021 Research-In-Progress Beiträge


TPSA 2021 Research-In-Progress Beiträge